the instructions to maintain the floor


and promised to repair the door but not see people." Yesterday, who lives in Nanchang City of East Lake District Guan Ma Temple of Mr. Shi reflected. Yesterday, the reporter saw on the floor of Mr. Shi's home, many floor convergence appeared a gap of about 1 cm, the living room and bedroom rough estimate of 10 as many people on the above also issued a "creak" sound.average price to have 30ft of stockade fence installed

Mr. Shi said the floor was laid out in November 2005 because the house was newly renovated until it came in April last year and then found the problem. Mr. Shi said he was in accordance with the instructions to maintain the floor. Last year in December, he had called the "Nature" after-sales service department, the other party also sent to see, that is the house ventilation is so good, the floor of the convergence of the gap is caused by the wind dry, and said A few days to floor price

Mr. Shi told reporters that after-sales staff since that time to go now there is no door. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the "Nature" floor after-sales service department, a self-proclaimed surnamed person is responsible for, because the time to year-end, the staff is relatively nervous, and home time and Mr. Shi have wood plastic composite cladding

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