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You can't pour from an empty cup.

​The hardest part about being a stay at home Mom, is staying at home. A lot of people fantasize in the morning about not getting up. Not getting dressed. Not heading to work. Becoming millionaires so they can quit their jobs and NEVER leave their house. I am a busy person and I always have been. I have always been a single Mom of two, one with disa...
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Chapter 2 "Hope"

People suffer and their world takes on a new image or self portrait. Often times even if the world around them has so much goodness to offer they will only see struggle and strife in their everyday life. Some of this is true because we all have challenges but to the person who suffers with depression it has become as big of a struggle ...
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Miss Ree and Miss Ribble’s Company (Blog 2)

Message to the Reader.        Depression consumes the soul, the mind is a broken record; it's a waterfall in a quiet room. Self-respect is gone; the appetite for life lost in the mirror. Sleep is the only escape now but you cannot sleep life away; so there is no escape. Where is the light in life, where is hop...
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New Blog Series "The House of Mel. N. Choly."

​The House of Mel. N. Choly      After my second deployment to Iraq I remember suffering with a deep depression for many months and it was probably one of the most difficult times I could ever remember. I was lost inside of my own mind and memories for so many hours a day I don't remember how or when or what happened I just rem...
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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

It's not just a catch phrase with Lost Kids Workshop as we feel it's a selling point. We sell a quality product and know there will be adjustments made onsite once the cabinets are installed. We factor in doors and drawers being leveled and balanced; which is important for our customers to know up front. There will be marks and scuffs of paint or f...
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Who’s the veteran in your family?

Lost Kids Workshop is about building cabinets, making furniture, and so much more but I'd like to emphasize another very important part of our business plan and that is to identify veterans and their families. I've added a few photos of family members to this blog because I wanted to recognize those in my family who've served this grea...
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